SLEEK MakeUp: Pout Polish


Hello ladies.  Again, it’s been a long hiatus.  I’m sorry for that.  It’s just that I have so many things that I want to do, yet so little time.  From being a full-time mom to my school boy, to blogging, gaming and now coloring.  Haha!  Yes, I’m busy like that.😂 I tend to budget my spare time to my interests.
I got this from my sister-in-law about 2 months ago.  I really wanted to try sleek products before but it’s not available here in Philippines.  So here, I got to try it.  Thanks to her.:)

Pout Polish is a tinted lip conditioning balm, available in a variety of colours that feels as good as it looks on the lips.

Why You Need It
Enriched with joboba, avocado, sweet almond oil and a SPF 15 , Sleek’s Pout Polish protects and conditions your lips whilst also providing that glossy pop of colour.
Using a lip brush or fingers, apply a small amount to the upper and lower lips for a sheer wash of colour and natural sheen.

It comes in a round pot with a sleek matte black cap.  I personally love their packaging.  Simple but elegant.  Plus I love how the words Sleek are written in a pink font.
I got the shade Pink Cadillac.


It smells like a chocolate like MAC Lipsticks. It says it has an SPF15 and this is a lip conditioner.  I bet it makes the lips soft as what I knew about hair conditioner and fabric conditioner.  Haha…😂  Sorry but I don’t have any idea of what a lip conditioner is.
So going back, I love the shade but I’m not really into glosses.  This product is kind of like a lip gloss for me.  It gives your lips that shine but doesn’t really moisturizes the lips.


So here’s how it looks like on my finger tip.  Nice bright pink with a gloss.  It really smells nice.


Here’s how it looks like when swiped.  It really gives a nice pink color.  It can be worn on its own and you can also wear it over a matte lipstick as a lip gloss or underneath a drying lipstick.  I have chapped and dry lips so I can use it alone everyday and every night.
Personally,  I don’t really fancy this because I hate sticky feeling on my lips.  But still, this is a great product if you’re the type of person who’s not into matte lippies.
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Etude House: Pearl Aura Fall Brightening Kit


I got these last December 2014 from my husband. I just started using it a week ago because I still have a lot to finish using. This has been a long overdue review for me… So here’s my short review.

Volume / Content:
: Etude House Pearl Aura Essence 50ml
: Etude House Pearl Aura Lotion 50ml
: Etude House Pearl Aura Peeling Softerner 50ml


1.Pearl Aura Peeling Softener : After facial cleansing and prior to toner application, massage onto facial surface for 1~2 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
•This is a peeling gel that removes dead skin on your face. It has a watery texture that which I think why it doesn’t remove that much of my dead skin unlike the one that I used before. It gives a mild exfoliation leaving your face smooth afterwards.

2.Pearl Aura Essence : Dispense a certain amount onto palm of hands, spreading from inner to outer areas of face, lightly patting to absorb remaining contents.  Apply during first step after morning, evening cleansing.
•I love the packaging of this one. Remove the top cap and just press it down and the essence goes out just like a magic potion. This essence is a liquid type, a watery gel that has a runny texture. After using my toner, I apply this directly on my face and my skin absorbs this really fast. You just pat it to your face. I love that it brightens my face that someone notices me and said I’m pretty. (Blushed)

3. Pearl Aura Essence Lotion : After applying Pearl Aura Brightening Essence, dispense a certain amount and apply smoothly from inner to outer areas of face.
•This is creamy just like a moisturizer. It says it has aurora particles that gives your face the brightening effect. It really has. It’s a glowing little particles. Best to use this before makeup to a more bright look. You can even use this as a highlighter.

So there you go. I hope you like my quick and short review. So far, I don’t experience any breakouts using these products during my first week of usage.

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Etude House: Happy Essential Foam Collagen

image Fomulated with 40% moisturizers, this creamy cleansing foam gently removes impurities with rich lather, while Marine Collagen extract promotes elasticity and firmness. Skin is happy again, feeling clean, smooth and soft. Directions Wet face. Squeeze small amount into palm and rub hands together to form lather. Massage over face, avoiding eye area, then rinse thoroughly. Caution 1. For external use only. 2. Avoid contact with eyes. 3. Keep out of reach of children. 4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear. image Available in 5 variants: •Vitamin C •Collagen •Hyaluronic Acid •White Clay •Witch Hazel image Here’s my short review on this facial foam.  It comes in a cute pink tube.  The consistency is thick so it’s not that easy to squeeze it out of the tube, but I actually love it ‘coz you can really control the amount you need to use.  It has a light sweet scent which I love.  I didn’t have any breakouts using this even on the very first time that I use it.  So I believe this is good for those who have sensitive skin.  Plus it has 40% moisturize that makes your skin supple after use.  This is very foamy but no bubbles.  It cleanses my face well considering that this is very affordable.  I got mine for free (pasalubong from Korea) but this is 248Php at Etude House.  I use it with my clarisonic and it works well. My face is smooth after use. Overall, I love this and will probably try the Vitamin C (the one in yellow) next time.   Would I recommend this? YES.:) Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me on instagram. See you on my next post.💋

PIXI by petra: Brow Powder Palette

image Hello everyone. Sorry for my long hiatus from blogging. Just been very busy with my kid lately. So here’s another review for you guys. It’s one of pixibeauty summer collection. Bought it from for P750 (Php). Kit contains: 6 Eyebrow Powders + Duo Applicator With six matte shades to mix and match, this palette lets you customize the perfect brow colour to instantly frame your face. Mix powders to your perfect shade.  If you are a brunette, match your hair colour.  If you have blond brows, go 1-2 shades deeper than your hair colour.  Finish off by highlighting with a nude shade for the perfect high-brow arch! Paraben free.  Not tested on animals. My Review: So here it goes, I’m actually not good in filling my brows, so everytime I do my makeup, I’m not satisfied with the result ‘coz I can’t make my brows pretty. Yeah, it’s every girls dream to have beautiful brows. Over the years, I’ve been trying my best to make my brows look good but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. Haha. I use eyebrow pencil for my brows by the way, until someone told me to try a brow powder instead of pencil. So, why not give it a try. So there, I saw it on instagram and I liked it because it has more shades. Plus the palette looks pretty and nice. When I opened the box and got the product out, I thought the packaging is sturdy because it’s a bit heavy. When I opened the lid I noticed a crack on the packaging, but I already fixed it with a mighty bond.:) image So there, you can see the crack on the photo. It’s actually not a big deal since I have it fixed already. So going back, here’s what the product looks like. image It has 6 matte brow powders that actually doubles as a matte eyeshadow. I love neutral matte eyeshadows so this is just Perfect! image Here are the shades. Sorry my hand got darker ‘coz it’s summer. Swimming time. I can’t hardly see #2. Almost the same shade with my current skin color. As you can see #1 is for highlighting. The powder is very soft to touch. #4 & #5 goes well with me. What’s good about this palette is that you can mix and match every colour that matches your hair and skin tone. It has a right amount of pigmentation plus it’s long lasting. The shades also works as a neutral eyeshadows. The palette actually looks like an eyeshadow palette. This palette is great to bring on your makeup bag.  Overall, I love this palette. This will be added on my on-the-go makeups. Less effort for my brows now. Definitely worth the price I paid for. But I wish it has a wax so that the powder is easier Thanks for reading. I’ll see you on my next post.💋

HIMALAYA HERBALS: Neem Face Pack Review

image Hello there.  It’s nice to be back.  After 3 months of hiatus in writing.  I didn’t notice that I still haven’t made a review on this one until someone commented on my instagram account that she needs my review on this.  Sorry for the delay. Neem Face Pack is a purifying mask that helps to regulate excess oil secretion, cleans clogged pores and prevents the recurrence of pimples. What it claims: Deep cleanses & purifies for clear, problem-free skin. So here goes my review.  This Neem face pack is perfect for those who have oily skin.  I first tried this Neem Face Pack from Himalaya Herbals when I got my free sample from I just got a sample size and I love it on my first use. At first, the smell actually bothers me a little plus the color of the product looks grose. Here’s a picture for you to see. image •The first photo shows the actual product.  The color looks like a moss green but turns to light green when dry.  When I first saw it, I was like “oh my, it’s disgusting.”  But I still put it on my face to see the result. •The second photo shows how it is when applied. •The last photo is when it’s already dry.  It was around 10-15 minutes. I can’t tell if I like the smell or not.  It was somewhere in between. Haha.  So I apply it on my face and it has that tiny granules that gently exfoliates your skin. It has a little tingling sensation once applied.  As it gently dries up I can tell that it removes the oil on my face especially on the nose part.  You can actually see the oils being secreted.  You will also feel that your face tightens a little while it’s drying.  After using this product you will notice the result instantly.  Say no to oily skin plus a soft & smooth skin. This one is very affordable.  After trying the sample size, I got myself the full-size.  I bought mine from SM hypermarket for around 150 php. I recommend this product for those who have oily skin.  I will definitely buy this product again.  Worth the penny.  Cheap yet effective.  Thumbs up!👍 Thanks for reading my blog again and I’ll see you on my next post.💋 Don’t forget to follow me on instagram.

RIMMEL: Stay Matte Pressed Powder Review


Hello ladies.  Sorry for being MIA for quite a while.  I’m just so busy doing my thing. Playing Clash of Clans. Haha. I got hooked. Anyway, here’s my review on this popular yet affordable pressed powder.  When I first saw this online I was like “Ohmigod! This is what I need!”  Yes! Because I have an oily T-zone. I love using BB creams, but BB creams gives your face a dewy effect.  So after a few hours my face tends to get super shiny. Duh!  Who would have want it?  So I was looking for a setting powder that would keep the oil at bay, and this one does.
Got it from a friend that I met online.
It is an online shop that caters makeups and clothings. A one stop shop I guess for every ladies. They have some onhand items and mostly pre-orders. The seller is very accomodating. So it’s hassle-free.


The powder comes in a very basic round pan with a clear top.  You just have to be extra careful because I think it’s easy for the lid to break once dropped. The basic packaging doesn’t really bother me ‘coz I apply mine with a powder brush. So I don’t really need a sponge. I got it for 370 Php. I chose to have transparent because I thought it’s the safest choice to get. I’m not sure on what shade to have so I’ve settled to this and I’ve made a right choice.

It claims to last up to 5 hours natural shine control and helps minimize the appearance of pores. Well, it really last up to 4-5 hours but I don’t think it minimizes the pores alone. With the use of a primer it does. It goes on smooth with a very mild scent. This one doesn’t look chalky and cakey over a BB cream plus it is very affordable. This is a very good setting powder.
This is my new holy grail. It’s really a “must have” for those who want the oils to disappear. Though I know it will go a long way before I hit the pan, I’m pretty sure that I will repurchase.

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Milani Haul


Hello ladies.
So everyone’s been obssessing with Milani Cosmetics.  Well, I can’t blame them.  I myself is actually one of them.  Yes, I’ve been eyeing on these products the first time I saw it.  Oh hello!  With the packaging and all that.  ‘Twas really a must have for a makeup lover like me.  Since I can’t afford to have those high-end brands with nice packaging.  I love that a drugstore brand like Milani, got the idea of making something so nice yet so affordable.  I got mine from It’s a pre-order online shop.


So these are the products that I’ve got. You see, I’ve got a free wet n wild lipstick in “Cherry Bomb.” Thank you @makeupholicsph.

Color Statement Lipsticks


My new favorite lipstick brand would be Milani.  The packaging, the sweet scent, very moisturizing, very affordable and their wide selection of colors.


I’ve got 4 shades: Fruit Punch, Hot Pink Rage, Flamingo Pose, and Plumrose.  I’m planning to buy again. More pinks and few reds maybe.  I bought this at a sale price of 260 Php each (285 originally.)

Fruit Punch is a soft coral pink.  I love this color, not too loud, very girly and sweet. This one is creamy. My favorite among the shades that I’ve got.

Hot Pink Rage is a bright matte rose pink.  I love that it’s a creamy matte not that dry matte type of lipstick.

Flamingo Pose is a coral pink cream.  This one is actually fine with me just like the fruit punch but this is brighter.  Probably wearing this on days when I don’t have that much sleep.

Plumrose is pinky-brown cream.  At first, I thought this one is more of purplish shade but when I tried to swatched it, I love that it’s lighter than I thought.  This is a wearable plum shade for me.

Milani Baked Blush


I’ve got two pink shades from the Milani Baked Blush. A matte one and the other one is shimmer.  Bought this for 450 Php each.  These blushes are awesome.  Very pigmented and a good color payoff.  A little goes a long way.

Delizioso Pink is matte pink, a bubblegum pink.  I love this.  This is actually my favorite because matte ones look more natural than shimmer.  But still, cream blushes are a way more natural than other.  In my opinion.  I’m not sure if many would agree with me.

Dolce Pink is a warm  pink with gold shimmer.  At first, I thought this has so much glitters but this one is a very nice shade that you don’t need to wear a highlighter because of the gold shimmer.

20140806_111558 So that’s it.  I hope you like it.

Thank you so much and see you again on my next post. 💋