Hello everyone.  It’s been quite a while since the last time that I made a review.  I am really kind of busy with many things. For the meantime, while I’m currently on my vacation here in Korea, I kind of have more free time than the usual.  Mommy duties is lesser because there’s no classes.  (You get what I mean?:))
This review is about aloe vera soothing gel.  It’s been all over instagram now so I’m really eager to grab one and try it out.  So when I had the chance, I got myself the Nature Republic 92%Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. I was inlove at first used.  It’s so refreshing and moisturizing at the same time.  Plus my skin feels so smooth and radiant the next day.  I also tried using this on my husband’s face and he was so happy with the result.  He was like ” How come you didn’t told me about this?  I should have bought it before so that I didn’t have to buy toners and all.”  Hahaha!😂  He really loved it that he’s giving up his toner and lotion for his face.  (I’m just lucky because it’s all gonna be MINE!)  My husband isn’t really vain.  He just need to moisturize his face because the weather here in Korea is freezing and it’s drying.  It really is! He said this aloe alone is all good for his face. He said doesn’t need much.
Going back.  So while browsing my instagram I saw holika holika’s aloe soothing gel and their packaging is eye-catching.  I actually saw it when I went to Myeongdong but I already bought the Nature Republic’s so I just pretended I didn’t saw it.😂 (snob)😂😂😂
Everyday and everynight I apply the aloe soothing gel on my face and my husband’s ofcourse. He hates the icky feeling of touching stuffs like this so I’m willing to oblige. He said he have to buy aloe for himself. So I said I’m giving him a tub, but he was like is there something like a squeeze tub? So I introduced him the Holika Holika Aloe Gel and he was amazed with the packaging. He said it was really cute and decent. So there’s no way he’s not getting one for himself. Hahaha! He was like a child who wants to have a candy that much. So when we went out for our grocery shopping he purchased it asap. So now I’m doing a comparison for you guys. All thanks to him.

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. This is a personal review. I am not paid for this. This are all based on my personal opinions & experiences.


Aloe Soothing Gel has many uses. It can be used on your face, eyes, hair, hands, and body.

Holika Holika is 99% aloe vera.
99 % fermented aloe vera leaf juice is contained.
Fermented contents maximize the effect of activating components like aloesin. So it helps your skin to be clear & healthy.
Moist feeling without stickiness.
It is absorbed fast & freshly without stickiness. plus it soothes the stimulated skin by hot sun light & makes your skin moist & sleek.
7 free system for skin health
No Paraben, No Benzophenone, No Propylene Glycol , No BHT, No Animal ingrediet, No artificial coloring, No mineral oil.

Nature Republic is 92% aloe vera.
Product of South Korea
The best of best million-selling gel, this gel made about 30 times of sold-outs in a year, and also sold about 1.50 million
Main ingredients : aloe Vera extracts 92%
Stimulated by the sun, the Aloe Vera relaxes your all reddish and dried face, arm, leg, and whole body, it also gives good moist and it is also rich in vitamin
Especially it is approved by CCOF (California certified organic farmers) which has real 90% of the aloe.


Personally, Holika Holika has a more decent and hygenic packaging than Nature Republic. It comes in a squeeze tub so you are not touching everything with your hands unlike the Nature Republic wherein you get to dip your hands to get the product which is not really hygenic ofcourse. Nature Republic comes in a big round tub. It also has an inner cap inside to secure the packaging so it’s clean when you open it. There is no spatula inside. Holika Holika comes in a aloe vera-shaped container which is really nice. Plus you get a control on the amount of product you need with Holika Holika.
Holika Holika WINS!


When it comes to consistency, Nature Republic looks more watery than Holika Holika. It has a clearer texture. Holika Holika is more sticky than Nature Republic. Because it’s 99% aloe while Nature Republic is only 92% aloe.
Nature Republic WINS!


This is what it looks like when spread out on my skin. You can see the difference if you look at it but you wouldn’t feel any difference if you are using it. Personally, I like the smell of Nature Republic. It has a stronger scent of Aloe which is more appealing to me. Which is I don’t quite understand why because the 99% aloe should smell more like an aloe vera than the 92% one. Did you get my point? Well, I hope you do.
Nature Republic WINS!

Holika Holika
Price: ₩5,900 or $5.19
(if bought in Korea)
Size: 250ml

Nature Republuc
Price: ₩4,400 or $3.87
(if bought in Korea)
Size: 300 ml
Nature Republic is way cheaper than Holika Holika plus you get more product for a lesser price.
Nature Republic WINS!

There’s really not much of comparison with these two when it comes to what it felt like to your skin. I apply both on my face at the same time and I don’t feel any difference at all. Both have a cooling effect and is easily absorbed by the skin. Both are not heavy nor greasy. It both leaves your face smooth and soft to touch. No any allergic reactions on me.

Overall, Nature Republic wins! I personally like it than Holika Holika. I think I might just transfer it on a squeeze or pump bottle. That would be a wise decision, I guess.:) What works for me might not work on you. Especially those with sensitive skin. You just gotta go and see it for yourself.

Thanks for taking time to read again. Until next time. Bye.😘


Kojie•san: Best Lightening Soap Ever!


Hello ladies.  I’m back again after a very long vacation.  This blog post is about what soap I’m using to maintain my fair skin.

I was always asked by my friends, relatives and sometimes by my followers on instagram on to which whitening soap would I recommend them?  So for all those who are in search of a whitening soap with a faster effect, here’s what you’re looking for.

Are you guys excited to hear my story?  Ok, here it goes…

☆This is my own opinion based from my experience and I was not paid to do this review.

Back in 2010 when I got home from my 3 years work in Japan, many are amazed on how fair and glowing my skin is.  (Knowing the good weather of Japan, it really made my skin fairer) Ofcourse, I love the attention and it’s so flattering.  So I thought how am I able to maintain that in this kind of weather? (Philippines)  Then my brother was using a placenta soap on his face and his face is so noticeable.  So I tried using it too.  It was a good product but I read from some reviews on  the internet that Kojic soap is better.  So I searched for a kojic soap in the market and luckily, I found Kojiesan.  So why kojiesan out of the other kojic soaps in the market?  Believe it or not, it is because of the picture of a geisha on the packaging. Geisha is very popular in Japan. Knowing that geisha has that super white face characteristic, I thought maybe this soap can make me as white as a geisha (kidding aside).  After months of using it, some would say that my skin becomes fairer.  So I used the soap as my maintenance soap for like 3 consecutive years.  Yes, I was that loyal and I’m proud.  But kojiesan is a bit drying on skin.  So you really have to put on a lotion after taking a bath. 
How I use it: I lather the soap on my entire body and let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing. The effect will be seen in a week, I swear. Kojiesan can be use on both face and body depending on your likeness. Like me, I used it mostly on my body. Sometimes on my face but not most of the time since it’s drying. The soap is drying so I use a moisturizing soap after using this soap.

I really love the soap but I got tired of using this soap because I thought my skin is fair enough. I have tried many soaps, not whitening soaps this time but more of a moisturizing soaps. Sometimes, I still buy my favorite Kojiesan soap but I don’t use it as frequently as before. Not until the day I decided to go back to this product because I’m having tan lines now because I have to bring my child in school at 1:00 P.M. He doesn’t have a school service because his school is just a 5 minute walk from our house.(Imagine the sun at 1:00 P.M.!🌞)

So there, I decided to buy the soap again, along with the other products from Kojiesan since I have proven how effective and how promising the product is. Here’s my latest haul: I got myself a kojic soap ofcourse, a toner, a lightening cream for the face and a lightening lotion with SPF25 for my body. So here’s what I got:


5 items for only 500.50Php. I’m so excited to try the other items from Kojiesan and I’ll be sharing the experience with you again. (Good or bad) Here’s a short description for each items:
Kojie•san Skin Lightening SoapPhp72.50
Kojiesan contains high grade cosmetic all-natural Kojic Acid that helps prevent melanin production, making skin lighter and clearer. Kojiesan Skin Lightening soap is effective in diminishing dark spots, freckles and acne, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.
Kojie•san Lightening Lotion with SPF25Php158
Kojiesan body lightening lotion with SPF25 is a light and non-greasy body lotion that helps lighten and moisturize the skin. Formulated with high grade all natural kojic acid known to whiten skin and broad spectrum SPF25 to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that may trigger the signs of aging. Its Shea Butter component leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth all day.
Kojie•san Cleanser + Toner dual actionPhp75
Kojiesan Cleanser + Toner, light solution derived from blend of natural ingredients that cleanses and moisturizes skin. This 2-in-1 formula contains Ginseng extract and Rosehip Oil known for its skin-firming ability that helps smoothen fine lines and wrinkles; it also helps revive tired and damage skin, cleans blemishes and prevents dryness.
Kojie•san face lightening creamPhp120
Kojiesan face lightening cream is a light and non-greasy blend of natural plant extract with high grade all-natural kojic acid which is known for its excellent whitening effect.
•Lightens skin and reduces dark spots
•Supports in the reduction of skin blemishes
•Restores skin suppleness
•Leaves skin moisturized
•Helps promote healthy glowing skin

Overall, I strongly recommend Kojiesan lightening soap. Cheap yet effective. The only downside is that it melts quickly & it dries your skin.

Thanks again for having time to read this post and I’ll see you on my next post.

INNISFREE Skin Care Haul


Hello. It’s nice to be back on blogging. As you all know, before 2015 ends I’ve already got to purchased Ms. Heart Evangelista’s beauty book — This is me, Love Marie. I was inspired with the one that I read from her book. It says:
“Spend on skincare, save on makeup. Because if your skin is already nice, you don’t really need much!”
That’s why I did splurge on these skincares from Korea. INNISFREE. I love korean skincare because it’s perfect for my asian skin. I’ve already tried their Green Tea Seed Serum & Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and I love it. By the way, my haul is from Korea since my husband works there. Innisfree products are available online on instagram and here:
and here:

Innisfree (Hangul: 이니스프리) is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by Amore Pacific.

Innisfree is a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand created by Amore Pacific in 2000. The brand name originated from W. B. Yeats’ poem, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’.

It is one of the few Korean brands that use organic ingredients certified by France’s ECOCERT organization.

Innisfree has stores in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Innisfree launched its first Indian store in New Delhi on October 10, 2013, in Singapore on November 22, 2013 and the first store in Malaysia on December 5 in 2014.

Innisfree is known for being South Korea’s first all-natural brand. Their products range from makeup to skin care products for men and women. Their products include the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Olive Real Cleansing Foam, and the Wine Peeling Jelly Softener.

So here’s their *Product suggestions for the 3 most common types of skin:
– oily skin: The green tea fresh line
– combination skin: The green tea balancing line
– dry skin: The green tea moisture line
– *special moisturizing and nourishing care line: The green tea seed line

I have a combination skin so most of my purchases are from the Green Tea Balancing line.

What I love about INNISFREE? Is the milky watery consistency of their product and that subtle smell. Plus it’s very moisturizing.

To top it all, I must say that I’m inlove with their skincare line that I wanted to try each product line.

Just let me know if you want me to do a review of each products.

That’s all. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next post.

POP Beauty: Rouge Mix Lip & Cheek Portfolio


Hello there ladies. Sorry again if I’ve been MIA. I hope I’ll be able to write more often this 2016. I will try my very best. I promise. This review is a very long overdue, so without further ado let’s go straight to my review.

Palette contains: 36 Lip & Cheek Creams + Duo Brush
This lip & cheek cream palette of intensely pigmented hues has been designed for multipurpose mixing & matching, makeup artist style.

I got this from giveaway.  I’m so lucky I won!  I wasn’t really expecting to win such a generous giveaway. I got this along with “Pop Complexion Perfection Set.” You can buy this from for 1340Php.


My Review: It comes in a medium-sized plastic palette with a clear lid.  It’s a little hard to open the lid on the side at first but I came to easy-open it later on. I love that it has a wide selection of colors from nude, pink, red and purple.
I don’t like to use the brush included,  I just use my clean fingertips and dab my color pick onto my lips or cheeks.  You can even mix the color of your choice as well.

What I Love About it:
•I love that it comes in many shades that you can also mix and match to create your own shade.
•The colors are wearable and easy to blend.
•I love the shades on this palette. Mostly pinks, my favorite.

The downside:
•Some shades are not that pigmented. They tend to be lighter when applied. You have to put more product for the color to show.
•It doesn’t last that long, it was an ordinary lip gloss. Poor staying power.
•The packaging is too big to carry on your purse for doing touch ups.
•I don’t like the scent. It smells like a crayon.

Here are the swatches

(Please excuse me because my skin color is different on each photos. I didn’t shoot this on the same date so my skin color is different. The first two were taken last August 2015 where I had my tan. And the third and fourth photo were taken just tonight.)

That’s all for tonight. I hope you guys enjoyed this very short review. It may be too short tho, but I worked quite hard on the swatches.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on my next post.💋

Pop Beauty: CC Cream


Hello guys.  I’m really sorry again for the long hiatus.  I have so many backlogs.  I don’t know where to start. Today I will be sharing my review about Pop Beauty CC Cream that I got as a prize from

suits light/ medium / olive skintones

Revolutionary colour beads burst and adapt to your unique skintone, creating a super natural even complexion.
Formulated with flower extracts and nutrient-rich ingredients, this hydrating, feather light formula is an anti-aging, skin perfecting & protecting treat for your face!

☆Repairs, corrects & adapt to skintone ☆Smoothes lines & minimizes pores ☆Rich in antioxidants for radiant skin ☆Paraben free

Price: P1,340


It comes in a simple matte black plastic tube with a pump. You just have to pump out a small amount and use it on the entire face.


Like the other CC Creams out there, it comes out as a white cream but it changes its colour once blended out. Just like what it claims to be a colour adapt. It really does adapt on your skin colour.
It has a very light floral scent and with a sheer formula. Unlike the other CC Cream that I’ve tried before, this one does not leave a white cast on my face. It blended out really well on my skin leaving it glowing and feeling really fresh.

It’s a light to medium coverage. It does not covers acne scars, blemishes, freckles and pimples. As you can see, it covered my veins very lightly. It’s also illuminating. I think it may be use as an illuminator. You can wear this alone or with a powder. You can even use a primer if you wish. It’s really up to you. I usually wear it with a translucent powder since I have an oily face. But sometimes, I can pull it off alone. It doesn’t irritate my face at all. No pimples or whatever.

Overall, I love it! I was really amazed with the colour adapt. From white, it changes to very light pink to your natural colour. WOW! Seems magic. It’s very light on my skin and it gives my skin a luminous glow.😄

Thank you and I’ll see you on my next post.💋

SLEEK MakeUp: Blush in Rose Gold


Hello ladies.  Here’s another review for you.  Sorry but this one is a long overdue already.  I know it has taken me forever before I get back to finishing it.

This was given to me by my sister-in-law.  It comes in a sleek matte black packaging.  I love the packaging, it looks elegant and simple.  Plus it has a decent-sized mirror inside.


This blush is highly pigmented with a sheer glow.  It’s a peachy-pink with golden sheer.  At first glance, I thought I wasn’t gonna like this because I thought it is a way too shimmery but it’s not.  The color is just perfect to lighten up my stressful days.  I think this shade would compliment any skin tone. 

Here’s the swatch.



From the first photo, you can see how pigmented it is on my finger.  Second photo is a bit lighter because I already blended it.  I use around 4 swipes for this for you to see the color clearly but I only dab a little when using this blush because knowing me, I don’t do intense makeup.  I’m not really a fan of shimmery makeups but this one doesn’t bother me at all.  I mean, this is buildable and easy to blend.  For those who love highlighters, you don’t need to use for this one.  Less effort.  It also offers good wear time.  I don’t really do touch ups when I’m out, and it made my whole day.  It lasted for like 6-8 hours.  How great is that?

Another thing, this is great for everyday use and the size would perfectly fit your makeup pouch.

Thanks again for taking time to read and don’t forget to follow me on instagram.💋

UNBOXING: BYS MakeUp Pro Glamourbox


BYS comes to MANILA.  BYS is a renowned Australian makeup brand. Known for good quality makeups at a very reasonable price.  I found out about this glamourbox on their instagram account.  Link below.👇
Got the box for only 1100 Php (plus shipping fee). I got 6 full sized products at 2900 Php value. What a steal? It looks like I just paid for the eyeshadow palette and everything else were freebies. I was happy for my first ever glamourbox subscription. Super great deal. I think BYS is going to be my new favorite brand. Yay! 


I woke up to this.  Yes, I was on my afternoon nap when my dad brought it in my room.  Being the excited me, I immediately got my phone and took photos of my unboxing.
Woah! I love everything in the box. I was really stoked to received this box. Without seeing the prizes I know I have saved a lot for purchasing this. Everything in this box can complete a whole makeup look.


So here’s what’s inside the beautiful sturdy box.  Yes, everything in the box is worth the waiting time (I’ve waited 2 weeks)and worth the money I paid for.
So let’s go on with every pieces inside my box.
By the way, the shades of the items you’ll receive is random. You can’t choose. You’ll just have to wait for your box and see what you’re going to get. That’s the magic of the box, because there’s a thrill.😂


1. BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Nude1)
Full Size  12g  / P1,199.00

Honestly, I wished I got Nude 2 palette. As I’ve said, you can’t choose the items.    Upon reading on some reviews, they said this was a perfect dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.  I guess they’re right, and since I cannot afford to buy that, I’m good with this. 


2. BYS Contour Trio in Sweet
Full Size  8g  / P449.00

This palette contains 3 shades: blush, highlight and contour.  This product won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2015 Beauty Awards


3. BYS Blush Duo (Miss Pink)
Full Size  5g  / P349.00
It has 2 shades a lighter shade and a brighter shade. Torn between the two? It can be mix together, I guess.


4. BYS Matte Lipstick (Salsa)
Full Size  3.5g  / P299.00
The packaging actually looks like the Wet N Wild Lipstick. Salsa has a soft reddish to nude with orange hues. I think it will be included in my MLBB lipsticks.


5. BYS Brow Definition Kit
Full Size  4g / P399.00
It comes in a clear wax and 3 different powder shades for your brows.


6. BYS Nail Polish (Run Forest)
Full Size  14g/ P199.00
Well, it’s green. I’m not a fan of this shade but will defo try it.

Grab one now before stocks run out!:👇

So there. I hope you like it. Thanks for reading. Until next time.💋
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