POP Beauty: Rouge Mix Lip & Cheek Portfolio


Hello there ladies. Sorry again if I’ve been MIA. I hope I’ll be able to write more often this 2016. I will try my very best. I promise. This review is a very long overdue, so without further ado let’s go straight to my review.

Palette contains: 36 Lip & Cheek Creams + Duo Brush
This lip & cheek cream palette of intensely pigmented hues has been designed for multipurpose mixing & matching, makeup artist style.

I got this from http://www.pinkoolaid.com/ giveaway.  I’m so lucky I won!  I wasn’t really expecting to win such a generous giveaway. I got this along with “Pop Complexion Perfection Set.” You can buy this from http://www.glamourbox.ph/ for 1340Php.


My Review: It comes in a medium-sized plastic palette with a clear lid.  It’s a little hard to open the lid on the side at first but I came to easy-open it later on. I love that it has a wide selection of colors from nude, pink, red and purple.
I don’t like to use the brush included,  I just use my clean fingertips and dab my color pick onto my lips or cheeks.  You can even mix the color of your choice as well.

What I Love About it:
•I love that it comes in many shades that you can also mix and match to create your own shade.
•The colors are wearable and easy to blend.
•I love the shades on this palette. Mostly pinks, my favorite.

The downside:
•Some shades are not that pigmented. They tend to be lighter when applied. You have to put more product for the color to show.
•It doesn’t last that long, it was an ordinary lip gloss. Poor staying power.
•The packaging is too big to carry on your purse for doing touch ups.
•I don’t like the scent. It smells like a crayon.

Here are the swatches

(Please excuse me because my skin color is different on each photos. I didn’t shoot this on the same date so my skin color is different. The first two were taken last August 2015 where I had my tan. And the third and fourth photo were taken just tonight.)

That’s all for tonight. I hope you guys enjoyed this very short review. It may be too short tho, but I worked quite hard on the swatches.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on my next post.💋


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