SLEEK MakeUp: Pout Polish


Hello ladies.  Again, it’s been a long hiatus.  I’m sorry for that.  It’s just that I have so many things that I want to do, yet so little time.  From being a full-time mom to my school boy, to blogging, gaming and now coloring.  Haha!  Yes, I’m busy like that.😂 I tend to budget my spare time to my interests.
I got this from my sister-in-law about 2 months ago.  I really wanted to try sleek products before but it’s not available here in Philippines.  So here, I got to try it.  Thanks to her.:)

Pout Polish is a tinted lip conditioning balm, available in a variety of colours that feels as good as it looks on the lips.

Why You Need It
Enriched with joboba, avocado, sweet almond oil and a SPF 15 , Sleek’s Pout Polish protects and conditions your lips whilst also providing that glossy pop of colour.
Using a lip brush or fingers, apply a small amount to the upper and lower lips for a sheer wash of colour and natural sheen.

It comes in a round pot with a sleek matte black cap.  I personally love their packaging.  Simple but elegant.  Plus I love how the words Sleek are written in a pink font.
I got the shade Pink Cadillac.


It smells like a chocolate like MAC Lipsticks. It says it has an SPF15 and this is a lip conditioner.  I bet it makes the lips soft as what I knew about hair conditioner and fabric conditioner.  Haha…😂  Sorry but I don’t have any idea of what a lip conditioner is.
So going back, I love the shade but I’m not really into glosses.  This product is kind of like a lip gloss for me.  It gives your lips that shine but doesn’t really moisturizes the lips.


So here’s how it looks like on my finger tip.  Nice bright pink with a gloss.  It really smells nice.


Here’s how it looks like when swiped.  It really gives a nice pink color.  It can be worn on its own and you can also wear it over a matte lipstick as a lip gloss or underneath a drying lipstick.  I have chapped and dry lips so I can use it alone everyday and every night.
Personally,  I don’t really fancy this because I hate sticky feeling on my lips.  But still, this is a great product if you’re the type of person who’s not into matte lippies.
So there, I hope you love my review.  Please do follow me on instagram
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Thank you and see you again on my next post.💋


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