Etude House: Pearl Aura Fall Brightening Kit


I got these last December 2014 from my husband. I just started using it a week ago because I still have a lot to finish using. This has been a long overdue review for me… So here’s my short review.

Volume / Content:
: Etude House Pearl Aura Essence 50ml
: Etude House Pearl Aura Lotion 50ml
: Etude House Pearl Aura Peeling Softerner 50ml


1.Pearl Aura Peeling Softener : After facial cleansing and prior to toner application, massage onto facial surface for 1~2 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
•This is a peeling gel that removes dead skin on your face. It has a watery texture that which I think why it doesn’t remove that much of my dead skin unlike the one that I used before. It gives a mild exfoliation leaving your face smooth afterwards.

2.Pearl Aura Essence : Dispense a certain amount onto palm of hands, spreading from inner to outer areas of face, lightly patting to absorb remaining contents.  Apply during first step after morning, evening cleansing.
•I love the packaging of this one. Remove the top cap and just press it down and the essence goes out just like a magic potion. This essence is a liquid type, a watery gel that has a runny texture. After using my toner, I apply this directly on my face and my skin absorbs this really fast. You just pat it to your face. I love that it brightens my face that someone notices me and said I’m pretty. (Blushed)

3. Pearl Aura Essence Lotion : After applying Pearl Aura Brightening Essence, dispense a certain amount and apply smoothly from inner to outer areas of face.
•This is creamy just like a moisturizer. It says it has aurora particles that gives your face the brightening effect. It really has. It’s a glowing little particles. Best to use this before makeup to a more bright look. You can even use this as a highlighter.

So there you go. I hope you like my quick and short review. So far, I don’t experience any breakouts using these products during my first week of usage.

Thank you for taking time to read. I’ll see you on my next post.
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