PIXI by petra: Brow Powder Palette

image Hello everyone. Sorry for my long hiatus from blogging. Just been very busy with my kid lately. So here’s another review for you guys. It’s one of pixibeauty summer collection. Bought it from http://www.glamourbox.ph/ for P750 (Php). Kit contains: 6 Eyebrow Powders + Duo Applicator With six matte shades to mix and match, this palette lets you customize the perfect brow colour to instantly frame your face. Mix powders to your perfect shade.  If you are a brunette, match your hair colour.  If you have blond brows, go 1-2 shades deeper than your hair colour.  Finish off by highlighting with a nude shade for the perfect high-brow arch! Paraben free.  Not tested on animals. My Review: So here it goes, I’m actually not good in filling my brows, so everytime I do my makeup, I’m not satisfied with the result ‘coz I can’t make my brows pretty. Yeah, it’s every girls dream to have beautiful brows. Over the years, I’ve been trying my best to make my brows look good but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. Haha. I use eyebrow pencil for my brows by the way, until someone told me to try a brow powder instead of pencil. So, why not give it a try. So there, I saw it on instagram and I liked it because it has more shades. Plus the palette looks pretty and nice. When I opened the box and got the product out, I thought the packaging is sturdy because it’s a bit heavy. When I opened the lid I noticed a crack on the packaging, but I already fixed it with a mighty bond.:) image So there, you can see the crack on the photo. It’s actually not a big deal since I have it fixed already. So going back, here’s what the product looks like. image It has 6 matte brow powders that actually doubles as a matte eyeshadow. I love neutral matte eyeshadows so this is just Perfect! image Here are the shades. Sorry my hand got darker ‘coz it’s summer. Swimming time. I can’t hardly see #2. Almost the same shade with my current skin color. As you can see #1 is for highlighting. The powder is very soft to touch. #4 & #5 goes well with me. What’s good about this palette is that you can mix and match every colour that matches your hair and skin tone. It has a right amount of pigmentation plus it’s long lasting. The shades also works as a neutral eyeshadows. The palette actually looks like an eyeshadow palette. This palette is great to bring on your makeup bag.  Overall, I love this palette. This will be added on my on-the-go makeups. Less effort for my brows now. Definitely worth the price I paid for. But I wish it has a wax so that the powder is easier Thanks for reading. I’ll see you on my next post.💋


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