RIMMEL: Stay Matte Pressed Powder Review


Hello ladies.  Sorry for being MIA for quite a while.  I’m just so busy doing my thing. Playing Clash of Clans. Haha. I got hooked. Anyway, here’s my review on this popular yet affordable pressed powder.  When I first saw this online I was like “Ohmigod! This is what I need!”  Yes! Because I have an oily T-zone. I love using BB creams, but BB creams gives your face a dewy effect.  So after a few hours my face tends to get super shiny. Duh!  Who would have want it?  So I was looking for a setting powder that would keep the oil at bay, and this one does.
Got it from a friend that I met online.
It is an online shop that caters makeups and clothings. A one stop shop I guess for every ladies. They have some onhand items and mostly pre-orders. The seller is very accomodating. So it’s hassle-free.


The powder comes in a very basic round pan with a clear top.  You just have to be extra careful because I think it’s easy for the lid to break once dropped. The basic packaging doesn’t really bother me ‘coz I apply mine with a powder brush. So I don’t really need a sponge. I got it for 370 Php. I chose to have transparent because I thought it’s the safest choice to get. I’m not sure on what shade to have so I’ve settled to this and I’ve made a right choice.

It claims to last up to 5 hours natural shine control and helps minimize the appearance of pores. Well, it really last up to 4-5 hours but I don’t think it minimizes the pores alone. With the use of a primer it does. It goes on smooth with a very mild scent. This one doesn’t look chalky and cakey over a BB cream plus it is very affordable. This is a very good setting powder.
This is my new holy grail. It’s really a “must have” for those who want the oils to disappear. Though I know it will go a long way before I hit the pan, I’m pretty sure that I will repurchase.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next post.💋


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