Look Beauty: Cheeky Trio Review (Candy Floss)


 Hello ladies.

Here’s my review on this Cheeky Trio by Look Beauty.  I got mine on sale for 399 Php (700 Php originally) from http://www.instagram.com/makeuphub or http://www.makeuphub.com.ph.


This one is a must-have if you are on-the-go.  It’s a bronzer, blush, highlighter in one.  What a steal right?  You’ve got 3 products in one palette.  You’re actually getting 3 for the price of 1.

So here’s the swatch:



This one is matte finish.  Kind of like a peachy in color.  I think it’s a little lighter color for a bronzer.  I want a much darker shade.  I like the color pay off but as a bronzer, I don’t think this one works on me.  I just use this one as a blush also instead.  It works well as a blush so your money is not wasted.  The texture is a little powdery compared to the blush and highlighter.


This one is a little shimmer finish.  It kind of looks like a bit loud in color but I swear it’s not like that when worn.  I mean, it’s very wearable.  For me, the shade is kind of like a cotton candy.  A very light pink shade that you’ll surely love.


This one is a frosty white shade.  You better be careful in applying this because it’s very pigmented.  It really is that white.  You just have to get a little amount and blend it really well.

This palette’s staying power is not that long.  It’s not recommended if you’ll be out in the sun especially if you’re oily.  But if doing retouch doesn’t bother you, this one is good to go.

Overall, I love this palette.

So that’s it.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading my brief review on this.  Don’t forget to follow me on instagram.


Thank you.  See you in my next post. 💋



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