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Hello everyone.  It’s me, Kristine. I’m a newbie blogger.  I will do blogs about makeups and skin cares. Kind of like a beauty and vanity blog.  All the reviews are based on my personal experience. I’m not saying that what works for me will also works for you. Try it at your own risks. At first, I was actually a bit hesitant to do a blog.  Until I was inspired by Maj of http://instagram.com/makeupinmanila/.

To start, here’s a little information about me.

I’m a mom to a son and a wife to my loving husband.  I’m not a MUA but I love collecting makeups.  I don’t know, but whenever I see a wide collection of makeups I feel happy.

When I was on my teenage years, I just took my skin for granted.  I wear a powder and a lip gloss everyday but I just washed my face with water.  No any facial wash.  But I remove my makeup using Eskinol Papaya. Maybe I was just so lucky that I don’t belong to those who are suffering from acne.  I do get pimples sometimes but that would be a max of 3.

But now that I’m on my late 20’s, I make sure that I remove my makeup before going to sleep. I want to keep my face looking fresh and young.

So here’s my blog about beauty and vanity.  My reviews are just short reviews because I want to go straight to the point.  I hate gimmicks, blah blahs or whatnots when I read, I get bored so I tend to write briefly.

So there.

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Thank You.  See you in my next post. 💋



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